Introducing Starr’s New Store and eLearning Platform!

Starr Commonwealth is excited to announce a series of web-based changes the team has been anxiously waiting to tell the public – the creation of a new online store and eLearning platform!

The online store is a resource for teachers, social workers, therapists and other professionals to expand their training in the areas of trauma informed care, crisis intervention, mind body skills and more. The new design has an easy to navigate layout that will help people find the courses and content they are looking for faster, as well as providing previews of other courses that may interest them.

With the new store, customers will be able to search for and purchase products and online courses more easily, as well as offering an updated format to register for conferences. The new design has an easy to navigate layout that we hope will solve any issues that people looking for courses have come across in the past.

Along with the store, Starr has rolled out a new eLearning platform, establishing a stronger site for customers to take online courses from trained professionals and experts in the field of trauma informed, resilience focused care. Equally exciting is the new content the Starr team has been hard at work creating to ensure that the best information and most engaging videos possible are at your fingertips! Throughout the year, new courses will continue to roll out, and the team is eager for you to experience each.

As with any switchover, there may be some hiccups along the way, but Starr’s staff is committed to helping customers quickly navigate through the sites and providing the best customer service possible. We hope this will make the process smooth for our new and returning customers.

If you would like to visit our new store, please go to If you have any questions about the store or eLearning platform, please reach out to us at The team at Starr is always happy to hear from you!

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