Partner with Starr Commonwealth

It is through our unity, and through our strategic partnership, that all children will flourish.

Starr Commonwealth is driven to build an alliance of people, professionals and organizations around the world who directly and indirectly serve children with trauma and toxic stress, from teachers and schools to parents and social workers, from doctors and hospitals to researchers and universities.

Partnering with healthcare systems, human service agencies, K-12 schools, communities and institutions of higher education is critical to changing practice for better outcomes.  We are excited about the many opportunities we all have to help create a world full of Universal Hope, Boundless Love and Limitless Success for all Children, but we know that we can’t do this alone.

If you see alignment with Starr Commonwealth, our services and our network of partners, we want to talk with you.

Through Starr Commonwealth’s training and coaching arm, childcare professionals, clinicians, educators, and parents have access to Starr’s evidence-based techniques via publications, eLearning courses, on-site training, conferences, and professional certifications.

Through the process of becoming a Starr Accredited Organization, our experts will help transform your school or agency’s culture into one where young people can move beyond their trauma and pain and build skills of resilience to overcome adversity. Your staff and professionals will learn to view children through a trauma-informed, resilience-focused lens and learn to utilize tools and resources to help children, families and communities flourish.

Starr Commonwealth, and the children, families, communities and organizations we serve, need your support. Whether you are inspired to support Starr directly through your giving, or if you would like to discuss ways to direct your impact to your own community or organization, we are building a commonwealth of thought and funding partnerships.