Certified Trauma and Resilience Trainer (CTRT)

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"I’m able to share knowledge I’m passionate about beyond my own school and program.  One of my goals with trauma and resilience work is to get the message to as many people as possible.  Becoming a certified trainer has allowed me to do so while supplementing my income at the same time!"


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Once purchased, you will be enrolled in a training page on Starr’s Learning Platform. On this page, you will be prompted to select your desired training date. Please complete your selection ASAP, as space is limited. No refunds are permitted


Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialists (CTRSs) can continue their path of certification by becoming a Starr Certified Trauma and Resilience Trainer (CTRT). This certification is designed for professionals who are invested in promoting Starr’s resilience-focused approach to healing trauma.

Similar to the Specialist certification level, the trainer certification is also segmented by specialty. To become a trainer in each area of focus, individuals must achieve:

Education (E):

Clinical (C):

  • CTRS-C Certification, via the completion of the Clinical Foundations course ($99)
    • Completion of Children of Trauma and Resilience and Structured Sensory Interventions II will also result in CTRS-C Certification
  • CTRT-C Certification, via the completion of the CTRT-C Training ($1,499)

Early Childhood (EC):

Once trainer certification has been achieved, individuals must purchase and maintain a StarrPASS account. Each respective StarrPASS is $400 and provides 1 year of unlimited access to additional elective courses, webinars, all of the required training resources, and more. An active StarrPASS must be renewed annually to be approved to schedule and complete trainings for schools or organizations.

The content that can be trained per trainer specialty is:

  • CTRT-E: 10 Steps to Create a Trauma-Informed Resilient School course
  • CTRT-C: Clinical Foundations (currently only available in an eLearning format)
    • Only Legacy CTRTs are permitted to train Children of Trauma and Resilience and Structured Sensory Interventions II
  • CTRT-E: 10 Steps to Create Trauma-Informed Resilient Early Childhood Care

Please Note:

  • Trainers may only train the courses they're certified for. Trainers may hold multiple Trainer certifications at one time.

Additional notes:

  • Trainings may be delivered in-person or virtually (via Zoom or a similar platform)
  • All of the required resources to complete a training (e.g., sign-in and sign-out attendance slides, evaluation slides, presentations slides, and associated resources) are accessed via StarrPASS
  • Trainers can certify individuals as Specialists and therefore issue certificates of completion and badges!


Starr's CTRT Training is a 1-day, live session completed via Zoom - with mandatory pre-work and a 30-minute consulting session with the CTRT Instructor required prior to the training date. Regardless of the area of focus, each content-specific training is $1,900 and requires the associated Specialist Certification be achieved prior to its completion (e.g., to be eligible to complete the CTRT-E Training, one must be a CTRS-E)

Participation in each CTRT training is capped at 12 individuals,  so secure your spot fast!