The Traumatic Experience of COVID-19

In the days that followed the shocking news of COVID-19 and the outbreak of a global pandemic, the lives of practically every child, family, community and professional throughout the world changed. With the closure of schools, stay at home orders, layoffs, an economic recession (and fear of collapse), and essential healthcare providers and others being asked to show up to aid the thousands of individuals becoming extremely ill and dying, stressed and traumatized children have been cut off from the teachers, counselors, and advocates who supported them when perhaps their families or caregivers could not. In this respect, it is not surprising that many refer to the months and years that will follow the COVID-19 pandemic as a “trauma tsunami.” It is our hope that Starr can provide you with information, guidance and understanding that will help you and the children and families you serve understand the impact of COVID-19, and to find resilience and hope during the "new now".

NOTE: The Traumatic Experience of COVID-19 debuted as the keynote session for Starr Commonwealth's 2020 Trauma & Resilience Virtual Conference. More information for the full event is available below the video.

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