Self-Care: Gratitude Writing

There is a great deal of research that supports the effectiveness of expressing gratitude. Gratitude has been shown to help you make friends. One study found that if you thank someone, even an acquaintance, they're more likely to seek a deeper relationship with you. Gratitude has even been shown to fix your physical health. People who show gratitude report less aches and pains and a general feeling of better health. Grateful people also enjoy a higher rate of well-being and happiness and suffer from less symptoms of depression.

We know gratitude enhances our feelings of empathy, and those who show gratitude are more likely to be more forgiving and more likely to behave in a more socially sensitive manner. Gratitude has even been shown to help people sleep better. People who are grateful and appreciate other people's achievements are more able to appreciate their own achievements.

There's several options for how you can engage with being aware and connected to your gratitude. One powerful method is through writing. When writing on your gratitude, do your best not to be too cognitive about it. Try not to censor yourself. Just let yourself feel what you're grateful for. Think of the big things and the small things. Add in your relationships. Maybe material goods, personal talents, people, opportunities, or anything that you feel deeply grateful for.

When you've finished, take a moment to pause and notice how you feel when you immerse yourself into what you're grateful for.


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By Erin Reed

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