The Five Shifts to Transformation

The foundation of the Glasswing experience is The Five Shifts.

The Five Shifts to Transformation

Transforming one’s thoughts and behaviors on an issue as complicated as racism involves a shift from the head to the heart. This allows participants to really feel the impacts of racism, creating a rich experience and transformation to move forward from.

Through The Five Shifts, our Facilitators strive to help participants look at racism and its harmful effects from a new perspective.

The Five Shifts include:

  1. Material to Spiritual — When we see someone, we immediately size them up based on physical characteristics like height, weight and skin color, among others. Once we get past these surface-level features, we begin to understand the thoughts, feelings, dreams, hopes and fears of others.
  2. Cognitive to Affective — This is the shift from the head to the heart. Focusing on feelings rather than rationalization and “thinking more clearly” allows one to be compassionate and understanding.
  3. Certainty to Curiosity — Our society places a premium on being “right” and certain in our convictions. This limits our ability — and desire — to learn new information. Approaching each other with a curious nature rather than thinking we have it all figured out allows us to engage in more meaningful ways.
  4. Solution to Transformation — Racism is a complex issue that can’t be solved during a racial healing session, and that’s not the goal of Glasswing. The program’s objective is to enable individuals to undergo personal transformations, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to become more courageous and effective leaders in their communities.
  5. Discussion/Debate to Dialogue — Glasswing promotes safety for all participants, and debating is not part of the experience. Rather than focusing on being “right” or emphasizing points, participants learn to listen without immediately responding or “piggy-backing” off of others’ statements. This practice promotes a calm yet engaging atmosphere where all people feel comfortable sharing.