The heart rate is a large part of the physiological affect we experience, both when regulated or experiencing reactions of stress. Having awareness of our own heart rate in any of these platforms and having a practice to alter that rate can affect our experience of safety on the body level.

How can we best control our heart rates? Through breathwork!

Breathwork refers to many forms of conscious alteration of breathing, such as connecting in-breath with outbreath, or intentionally changing the pace or deepness of breath. Breathwork is something that children of all ages can learn and practice. For younger children, it is fun to use props like pinwheels and bubbles to support breathwork activities. Adolescents will enjoy learning that they can practice breathing activities without any props and without anyone knowing they are practicing!

Click below to learn more and watch Starr Senior Trainer Erin Reed demonstrate several exercises for breathwork at any age.

Learn more breathwork activities and other regulating exercises for all ages in Starr's Mind Body Skills: Activities for Emotional RegulationDownload a free sample below.

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By Matt Ray

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