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At Starr Commonwealth, we are dedicated to continuously improving the experience for our users. In that spirit, we are excited to announce an all-new store experience directly within! With the launch of this platform, both purchasing as well as accessing courses will be more streamlined than ever.

Can I access my previously purchased courses?

You can still access your previously purchased online learning content by visiting

Once on this page, please select the “Forgotten username or password” hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, enter your email address in the “Search by email address” field, and follow the direction from there to reset your password.

  • Note: If you have already been prompted to reset your password on this site through a different Starr communication channel, please disregard this request

As with any launch, we may hit some bumps in the road. Accordingly, we appreciate your patience as errors may occur. While we’re happy to handle any individual situations that occur, please refer to our FAQs pages before contacting us.

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Starr Commonwealth is dedicated to the mission to lead with courage to create positive experiences so that all children, families, and communities flourish. We specialize in residential, community-based, educational, and professional training programs that build on the strengths of children, adults, and families in communities around the world. To schedule a training or consultation, please contact or call 800-837-5591.