Starr Commonwealth Awarded Grant from Branch County Community Foundation for Continued Union City Resilient Schools Project

Starr Commonwealth has been awarded $2,400 from the Branch County Community Foundation Forever Fund to enter phase 3 of the Union City Resilient Schools Project, which supports trauma-informed and resilience-focused experiences between students, teachers, administrators, and families to create supportive environments that leads to better outcomes socially, emotionally, and academically. The project began in early 2020 addressing the disproportionate impact of trauma in the community due to socioeconomic decline, drug abuse, community isolation brought about from COVID-19, and a lack of resources. Partnering with Summit Pointe, Starr responded by conducting a needs assessment for Union City Community Schools and proposing a multi-phased plan (which engaged the entire school system). This included supports such as on-site/remote coaching, consulting, project coordination, parent academies, training and professional development, assessment and evaluation, and providing trauma-informed and resilience-focused resources and materials.

Phase 3 support from the Branch County Community Foundation will be used to implement a portion of the project including research and evaluation as well as trauma-informed and resilience-focused online learning and certification.

“We are so proud of the collective effort being made in Union City,” said Starr President and CEO Elizabeth Carey. “Addressing community needs hand-in-hand with other change-makers is critical to success. By partnering with Union City Schools and Summit Pointe, I am confident we can continue making great strides toward restoring resilience through phase 3 of this project. It is an honor to be entrusted with this tremendous opportunity.”

From its headquarters in Albion, Michigan, Starr Commonwealth blends three key focuses – healing trauma, addressing racism, and fostering positive growth – into a comprehensive model of working with youth that is unique in the nation. Unlike other agencies that focus on trauma and resilience, Starr offers tangible tools for teachers, social workers, healthcare professionals, and others on the front line of working with children. Click here to learn more about Resilient Schools Projects.

By Matt Ray

About Starr Commonwealth

Starr Commonwealth is dedicated to the mission to lead with courage to create positive experiences so that all children, families, and communities flourish. We specialize in residential, community-based, educational, and professional training programs that build on the strengths of children, adults, and families in communities around the world. To schedule a training or consultation, please contact or call 800-837-5591.