Starr Commonwealth Hosts Transformative Community Forum on Innovative Approach to Poverty

Starr Commonwealth, a leading organization dedicated to healing trauma and building resilience in children, families, and communities, hosted a community forum titled “An Innovative Approach to Poverty.” The event, held at Starr Commonwealth’s Albion campus on May 22, 2024, featured Dr. Marcella Wilson, Founder & CEO of Transition to Success® (TTS).

Dr. Wilson, with over 30 years of extensive experience in healthcare administration, nonprofit management, behavioral health, criminal justice, and public sector programming, presented a compelling vision for addressing poverty. Her approach reframes poverty as an environmentally-based medical condition rather than a character flaw. In her book, Diagnosis: Poverty, Dr. Wilson outlines a scalable, sustainable, and multigenerational response that can be implemented across health, human services, government, education, and faith-based organizations.

The forum brought together community leaders, educators, and professionals who are passionate about empowering individuals and families to become self-sufficient and economically independent. Attendees learned about evidence-based strategies and how to coordinate existing resources across sectors to combat poverty effectively.

Unable to make it to this event? Starr will be providing this opportunity again in the future. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more.

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