Derek Allen

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Derek Allen, MA ACTP, Starr Commonwealth’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, provides administrative leadership and supervision to all Starr programs and departments as well as leads the organization’s business development efforts. Programs include school- and community-based behavioral health and youth empowerment services, trauma screening/assessment and intervention services, the Resilient Schools Project, professional learning, and eLearning certification and degreed programs for professionals around the world.

He also serves as a Senior Consultant for Starr’s trauma-informed, resilience-focused approach. In this role, Derek works with schools, organizations, and communities around the country in their implementation of system-wide approaches that best support the needs of students and families who have experienced trauma, adversity, toxic stress, and/or systemic racism and oppression.

He provides “thought-leadership” to the Starr organization in the areas of strength-based approaches in education and treatment and building resilience in children and families. Derek holds an undergraduate degree in secondary education, a master’s degree in special education, and is an ABD doctoral candidate in the field of psychology.

Though Derek is proud of the work of Starr Commonwealth and honored to serve as a senior leader, he is clear that his role as a father is the “most important hat” he will ever wear. His son, Sam, is his “reason for being”. Derek’s other “children”, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Oliver (Ollie) and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Luna, also keeps him busy. When he is not working or spending time with Sam and the corgis, Derek is active in his local community, serving on the Marshall Public Schools Board of Education as well as the Fountain Clinic Board and Chairing the Board of EastEnd Studio & Gallery.

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