Dr. Stacey Levin serves as the Senior Director of Research, Evaluation, and Innovation at Starr Commonwealth, leading a team of evaluators, analysts, and researchers to conduct research in trauma-informed care and resilience science. As a scholar, Dr. Levin’s research delves into the socio-political dynamics of the practice of ‘self’ as well as how individuals fashion a ‘self’ and activate resilience while interacting in ‘othering’ spaces. In addition to her research work, Dr. Levin has been a dedicated educator for over twenty years, teaching pre-service and in-service teachers in undergraduate and graduate education programs at Albion College and Hofstra University. Dr. Levin specializes in alternative teaching methods emphasizing arts-based pedagogy, sensory-based learning, equitable education methods, and mindfulness. As a curriculum writer, Dr. Levin has designed sensory-integrated curricula for K-12, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Dr. Levin collaborates with community partners on civic and community-based initiatives and programs, building research opportunities and public-private partnerships. Dr. Levin has expertise in project management and administrative leadership, finding creative and innovative solutions to complex local issues. Dr. Levin received a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Arizona State University.