Universal Hope Campaign

No matter their journey

There is always hope. Join our village and heal these kids!

Children are in crisis and we need your help today.

Unstable homes, violence, homelessness, depression, anxiety, drugs, self-harm, school problems…. Today’s world is making it hard to be a kid. But there is Hope.  There is goodness, and Starr Commonwealth is here to help.  Please help us create hope today.

Since 1913, Starr Commonwealth has been there to support kids, teach new skills, help them and their families heal, and find joy and love by meeting the universal needs of our human family both on our campuses and throughout the world. Our true success is born from the generosity of those who understand that all children—no matter their journey—can flourish when they have a place of safety and belonging, access to professional services, and a community of adults in their daily lives who are trained to understand their needs. Without this foundation, healing from trauma and toxic stress, and discovering the power of resilience, can never truly take root. It takes a village. Please join our village and give today.

The Universal Hope Campaign, which is Starr Commonwealth’s call for help for kids, can only be achieved if we have a global village of thought and funding partners like you.

Through our time-tested approach to building resilience, Starr Commonwealth stands ready to create Safe Havens, Limitless Access, and strengthen the Global Village so all children can flourish—no matter their adversity. Do you believe in Universal Hope?

Ready to see how you can help?

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Cathy Dillon Angels, Saints, & Stuff

“I think of my own children and the many wonderful opportunities they have been given. It makes me want the same for all children. This is what attracted me to Starr. [Their] mission to create positive experiences so that all children, families, and communities flourish continues to speak to my heart.”

Gregg Beeg President & CEO, Oaklawn

“Oaklawn has many values in common with Starr Commonwealth. We strive to heal those around us and we want to see our communities flourish. We cannot reach our mission alone and it is imperative
that we have these types of strong community relationships and partnerships.”

Anonymous Night of Starrs $10,000 Donor

“One of my heroes, Mahatma Gandhi, said: ‘I finally found myself when I lost myself in the service of others.’ These words ring true for me also. It is an honor and a blessing to lose myself in support of
the young people at Starr Commonwealth. Nothing makes me happier.”