Back to School During a Pandemic: Starr’s Expert Panel

At the culmination of Starr's 2020 Trauma & Resilience Conference, our experts came together to directly address the questions of our attendees. Throughout the session, they discussed returning to school, staff self-care, balancing the myriad of considerations of COVID-19, and many other topics to inspire educators and child-caring professionals.

Starr's Experts:

  • Dr. Caelan Soma
  • Derek Allen
  • Kathy Hart
  • Katie Carpenter
  • Erin Madden Reed

The Expert Panel is one of 21 sessions available for conference attendees. We are excited to announce that these sessions are Starr's debut of a new offering: Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Focused Episodes. Your time is valuable. As such, we are proud to offer low-cost, short-form content in order to expand and reinforce your toolkit while being sensitive to your time and budget. Each episode is eligible for continuing education credits.
NOTE: While the expert panel above is not eligible for CEs, purchase of any conference episodes include details to earn CEs for the panel as well!

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