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Toxic Stress

Although some stress is normal and even healthy, toxic stress is not. Children who have experienced a trauma often feel helpless and hopeless and live in a constant state of worry and fear. This toxic stress negatively influences every aspect of the... Continue reading.

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105th celebration

Celebrating 105 Years of Starr

This October, Starr Commonwealth celebrated 105 years of creating positive experiences for children, families and communities with a fundraising event at the Detroit Zoo’s Wildlife Interpretive Gallery. The open gallery was decorated with over... Continue reading.

Starr Commonwealth

Consequences and Trauma Informed Care

Consequences provide an opportunity to learn and grow from our mistakes. They give us a chance to problem solve, model, teach, and practice ways to do better next time. The most effective consequences are natural consequences – events that... Continue reading.


Be Proactive

Now that the school year has begun, start setting your students up for success! Here are some proactive strategies you can implement immediately: Get to Know Your Students Get to know your students FOR REAL, and help them get to know each other.... Continue reading.

Starr Commonwealth

Donor Spotlight: Joe and Clara Stewart

When they first came to Battle Creek in 1980, Joe and Clara Stewart knew that they wanted to do one thing: help children. Joe started out working for the Kellogg Company as the Director of Child Nutrition, which is where he connected with Arlin... Continue reading.

School to Community – Handle with Care

Looking through my email I saw "Handle with Care" in the subject line along with a student’s name. I became nervous, anxious, and then concerned for the student, thinking, “this has begun... it is a reality now.” It was the first time a... Continue reading.

Starr Commonwealth

Calming Corners

When students experience stress or trauma at home or are overwhelmed in school, their nervous systems respond. Some students become extremely activated while others shutdown. Activation comes in reactions such as inattention, difficulty sitting... Continue reading.

Starr Commonwealth

Focus on Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms are therapeutic spaces that provide students with personalized sensory inputs to meet their individual needs. These rooms are not just for students with impairments, however, but for ALL children. Using a variety of tools,... Continue reading.