Starr has a new store!

At Starr Commonwealth, we are dedicated to continuously improving the experience for our users. In that spirit, we are excited to announce an all-new store experience directly within starr.org! With the launch of this platform, both purchasing as... Continue reading.

Racism Leads to Death. Enough.

The murder of George Floyd in broad daylight must be met with accountability and justice.  George was called “Big Floyd” by his close friends. He was known as a peacemaker, and a mentor to many. He was a father and a brother. The devastating... Continue reading.

Brave Bart Returns

Brave Bart has been providing help to children, families, schools, and other helping professionals across the world since the first book, Brave Bart: A Story for Traumatized and Grieving Children. Since learning how to become a survivor, he used... Continue reading.


The heart rate is a large part of the physiological affect we experience, both when regulated or experiencing reactions of stress. Having awareness of our own heart rate in any of these platforms and having a practice to alter that rate can... Continue reading.

Authentic Self-Care

What is authentic self-care? Self-care is a commonly used phrase that validates us in doing whatever we want to achieve instant gratification, even if it isn’t serving us long term. We often confuse material or external substance as self-care.... Continue reading.

The Circle of Courage and COVID-19

The Circle of Courage is a model of resilience built upon the belief that all individuals, regardless of their age, have four universal needs. When any one or more of these universal needs is not being met, our “circle” is thought to be... Continue reading.