Building Mastery in Your Classroom

Mastery is reaching our potential with supports. Mastery is NOT perfection. The second universal need according to the Circle of Courage resilience model is MASTERY. When we talk about mastery we are not talking about perfection but rather the... Continue reading.

Self-Awareness to Regulate Stressors

We are now well into the school year, and everyone has a different scenario–in-person, hybrid, virtual and some teaching one way while their own children are learning a different way. The new “now” is, no doubt, filled with some level of... Continue reading.

Celebrating Students with Strength Inventories

Every child has strengths. It should be common practice to conduct a strengths inventory on every student in your school. As we begin the school year, now is the perfect time to celebrate each child in your room and their unique qualities. While... Continue reading.

Quick Tips to Start the School Year Right

Starr Commonwealth · Kathy Hart - Quick Tips to Start the School Year Right Kathy Hart and her team stand ready to help schools and organizations get the most out of Starr's courses, resources, and materials. Schedule your organization's... Continue reading.

Self-Care: Gratitude Writing

There is a great deal of research that supports the effectiveness of expressing gratitude. Gratitude has been shown to help you make friends. One study found that if you thank someone, even an acquaintance, they're more likely to seek a deeper... Continue reading.

Rejection: The Crisis of Belonging

Belonging - I am important to someone and they want to know what my life is like – not only what I need help with but what my strengths are too. The power and influence of positive human relationships in fostering resilience cannot be... Continue reading.

Starr has a new store!

At Starr Commonwealth, we are dedicated to continuously improving the experience for our users. In that spirit, we are excited to announce an all-new store experience directly within starr.org! With the launch of this platform, both purchasing as... Continue reading.