The Core Pillars of Intervention

There are three inter-related core needs or pillars of intervention as referred to by Bath & Seita (2018) for successful intervention with children affected by adversity. These pillars include: safety, connection, coping ability. A felt sense... Continue reading.

Intentional Connection Over the Holiday Break

This is the final week of instruction for many before schools close for holiday breaks. Time to step away from both in person and virtual teaching and learning may present a welcomed change–especially for those experiencing what has become... Continue reading.

Victim vs Survivor Thinking

One of the hallmarks of trauma work is to help facilitate movement from victim-thinking to survivor-thinking. This is why we spend just as much time processing trauma themes as we do promoting experiences where children can feel safe, empowered... Continue reading.

8 Quick Ways for Youth to Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is thankful appreciation and acknowledgement of the goodness a person receives or experiences in their life. In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater well-being. Gratitude helps... Continue reading.

Emotional Awareness and Regulation

The use of body maps to help with body scans is a great way to teach and practice emotional awareness. It is very difficult to manage emotions and behavior if you don’t know how to notice and pay attention to the sensations your body provides... Continue reading.

Connection and Vulnerability

The need and desire to connect with others remains essential. The prolonged need to physically distance, teach, learn and work remotely coupled with the inability to visit friends and family due to travel restrictions and other necessary... Continue reading.

Finding Purpose, Meaning, and Value

Finding meaning, purpose, and value in a time of significant change and loss is a step in both the grieving and healing process.  We might be grieving the loss of a family member or friend, the loss of school and work routine, and everything... Continue reading.

Just Breathe!

When you don’t know what to say…just BREATHE. Part of resilience is having a voice, choice and the ability to help ourselves feel better when overwhelming feelings come our way. The Circle of Courage refers to this universal need as... Continue reading.

Hope: Building Resilience as a Survivor

If we can face hard things or times with a sense that there’s something we can do about them, life becomes easier to live. In a time where we are all feeling quite overwhelmed this can be tough. But, hope can truly be the catalyst to get us to... Continue reading.