With the launch of our new store, you may be wondering:

  • Will my old store account work in the new store? No. A new account will need to be created. 
  • Do I need to create an account to make a purchase?  During the check-out process for your first purchase, an account will be created for you. Note: when prompted, please enter the same email address you used for your previous store account.
  • Do I need to create and/or log in to my store account to access my previously purchased online content? We’ve streamlined the process, and you can now log in directly to learn.starr.org to access your content! 
  • Can I access my previously purchased online content through my new store? Your ‘store account’ and ‘learning account’ are two separate accounts. However, all purchases of online content through the new store will automatically be added to your learning account at learn.starr.org. 

For answers to other questions you may have, please visit our new help center or ask our ChatBot.

As with any launch, we may hit some bumps in the road. Accordingly, we appreciate your patience.

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