Virtual Mindfulness

Six weeks of mindfulness practices to share with your students and families

At Starr Commonwealth, we are more committed than ever to supporting wellbeing for educators, students, families, and communities. Before school closures we had partnered with several districts to bring mindfulness into classrooms to support a school culture of resilience. Now, we’re dedicated to bringing mindfulness practices to all. Mindfulness is defined as paying attention—intentionally without judgment—to what is happening right now. Mindfulness practices have been proven to support cognitive outcomes, social emotional skills, and wellbeing.

In order to continue to offer support we have developed 6 weeks of mindfulness practices filmed by our Resilience Coaches that you can share with your families and students. We imagine there are two ways you may choose to utilize these videos. You can share them, and practice them directly with students if your educational platform allows, or you can share the links with students and families. Each week we will focus the mindfulness practice on a different present moment experience. These lessons will be differentiated for elementary and secondary students. Each lesson builds on the lesson before, provide some context about the lesson of the week, guides a mindful awareness practice, and finishes with reflection or discussion questions.