Simon P. Bisson

Years served: 3

City of residence: Cleveland, Oh

Profession & employer: Fundraising Executive with University Hospitals Health System

Why are you #DrivenToHeal with Starr Commonwealth? “I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of Starr Commonwealth. I have seen, first hand, the positive impact Starr’s programs, trainings and interventions have on the lives of the children, families and professionals we serve and am proud to play a role in supporting that important work as a member of the board of trustees.

One of the first students I met at Starr was a young man called “Stephen” he needed a special set of eyeglasses, which he had recently lost. I was able to work with the Starr staff and donors to provide him with a new pair. Immediately his confidence and our look on life improved, and he was so appreciative. It was easy to do, but to Stephen it was a huge gesture and made a big difference to him. That first experience made me want to continue to help others like him. Starr Commonwealth is a very special organization.”

Fun facts about Simon: “I have a Bachelors Degree in Education and in a prior career, taught fifth grade! I can still recall the names of every student in my class.”