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Practicing Resilience: Essential Self-Care Strategies for Helping Professionals [Franklin University]

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Course Overview

Practicing Resilience: Essential Self-Care Strategies for
Helping Professionals
is a journey of awareness, care,
and compassion. Too frequently in a helping profession burnout are vicarious
trauma and compassion fatigue written-off as the cost of caring. We know that
this does not have to be true. Professionals need to find ways to live and
flourish in their work. How do we do it? This training gives participants space
to answer that question. Practicing Resilience will instill the absolute
necessity of one’s commitment to intentionally care for themselves. One must
know that self-care is not separate from their work; it is non-negotiable
for their work. In this training/course, we will dig into what affects us as trauma
practitioners, the psychophysiology of joy and stress, and the paradox as a
spiritual possession. We will learn about the natural negativity bias and daily
positive practices to counter it. In addition, we will inquire of our own
universal needs and harness the power of neuroplasticity and awareness. Participants
will be guided through an array of experiences designed to help attune themselves
to their true nature, connect them to their strengths, create resilient habits,
and create a self-defined plan for how to care for themselves.