Fall 2020 Appeal

As we all navigate the impact of COVID-19, organizations such as our own will continue to undergo an unprecedented reimagining as we both recover and deliver our mission in a newly creative and dynamic manner. As we shared with you in April, Starr Commonwealth has embarked on a journey to make sudden shifts in the way we operate in order to ensure our services can continue without disruption and we would be there for the children, families, and communities that needed us most. In order to make this transition, we needed help from you, our supporter, partner, and friend in service. When we asked for your help, you answered the call. Your support—the power of your generosity—truly inspires us! Because of you, Starr Commonwealth was able to maintain stability, innovate in order to continue providing services, stay prepared to respond, and continue our advocacy efforts:

  • 112,334 professionals world-wide registered for our free trauma-informed, resilience-focused eCourses
  • 86 children served via telehealth in over 766 sessions
  • 1,021 professionals from 5 countries and 41 states attended our first-ever virtual trauma & resilience conference.
  • The creation of Dr. Caelan Soma’s latest book Resilient Schools: Back to School During a Pandemic. This book and its accompanying eCourse empower professionals to consider what’s most important as we face the trauma tsunami of COVID-19.

While we are proud of all you have made possible, there are still more children, families, and communities in need! We will continue to be innovative in the ways we engage those who need us. We remain prepared to further adapt as the needs evolve, and together we will persevere through this crisis and beyond.

At this critical juncture, will you support Starr Commonwealth? Your giving is a genuine demonstration of why philanthropy and the work of Starr Commonwealth matters. Without you, countless children would go without the help they need. However, with your gifts, Starr Commonwealth remains Driven to Heal (from a distance.)