Assessment & Intervention

Starr Commonwealth will be opening two Behavioral Health Centers in 2019, each providing outpatient services for children and families in southern Michigan.

Starr Behavioral Health will leverage Starr’s 100 plus years of evidence-based research and practice to promote health and foster healing for children throughout southern Michigan. With locations in Battle Creek and Harper Woods, we will be able to ensure our outpatient trauma assessment and intervention services are accessible in the Michigan communities we serve. Further, through strategic partnerships with health care organizations and school systems, we are also able to ensure our services are available to those who need us most, where they need us most.

For more information on how each clinic can support your child, students, and/or patients, please contact us today:

The services provided by Starr Behavioral Health build upon the foundation of resilience-focused and strength-based research, reinforcing Starr’s commitment to providing best-in-class care and strengthening our position on the vanguard of trauma-informed practices for all children, families, and communities.