Structured Sensory Interventions II

Pre-requisite: Children of Trauma or Children of Trauma and Resilience

This video presentation with Dr. Caelan Soma will help you experience the evidence-based, structured sensory interventions that are presented in our foundation course, Children of Trauma and Resilience. Hands-on activities will provide participants with practice using “Structured Sensory Interventions for Traumatized Children, Adolescents and Parents” (SITCAP®). Case studies will be shared to teach you how to apply mind body skills while focusing on the primary themes of trauma including safety, worry, hurt, fear, anger, revenge and moving from victim to survivor thinking. Includes a Structured Sensory Interventions resource packet.

Course consists of a live recording of the Structured Sensory Interventions presentation, reading and test. A downloadable pdf of the Structured Sensory Interventions II Guidebook is included as well as CEs.

Note: The course combines content from ALL previous Structured Sensory Interventions and Healing the Experience of Trauma trainings. This training is for clinical practitioners.